Tanzania Association for Government Communication Officers – (TAGCO) is a  non-profit making organization, registered under the laws of the United Republic of Tanzania.

TAGCO draws its members from the Central Government, Local Government Authorities, Government agencies, Independent Departments and Parastatal Organizations or any such government-mandated entities or authorities.

The scope and major objective of the Association is to advance communication as an essential professional resource at every level of national and local government.

In pursuit of this objective, the Association among other things, endeavors to:-

  • Unite communications officers in the quest to form a platform for exchange of ideas and experiences through meeting, workshop, conference, exhibitions and formal courses of instruction;
  • Establish and promote high standards of individual professional and ethical integrity;
  • Enhance communication within the Government and between the Government and the Public;
  • Sponsor awards in recognition of meticulous professional achievements among government communicators in respect of enhancing public awareness and knowledge of government generally, and government business in particular.